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Adopt an ex-battery hen

Can you offer a great home or help spread the word?

NSW Hen Rescue

Adopt an ex-battery henNSW Hen Rescue's mission is to save lives, advocate change and educate, rescuing and rehoming ex-battery hens in NSW Australia.

Do you think you could offer a loving, forever home to some rescued factory farmed hens? Please read through NSW Hen Rescue's page on caring for ex-factory farmed hens and what you will need, so that you can make the decision on whether you can provide a suitable home for the girls.

Note: This adoption application form is for ex-factory farmed hens. If you are interested in adopting animals other than hens please apply using NSW Hen Rescue's Empty Cages adoption application form here.

We only rehome to people who can provide a loving home to the girls . You must agree to look after them well, provide veterinary treatment when needed and not to kill them or give them away when they eventually stop producing eggs. We do not rehome the hens for commercial use.

We also need to take your contact details when you adopt some hens and we will also ask you to sign an adoption agreement.

We adopt out a minimum of 2 hens as it makes the whole process far less stressful if they have a friend.

We will usually only adopt out a maximum of 6 hens to one household. This discourages those that want the hens for commercial use. If you have more hens than that it may be hard for you to afford veterinary treatment should they need it.

Please note we are not able to adopt animals to schools, child care facilities, aged care facilities or community groups.

We are located in Dundas Valley NSW (Western Sydney). You will need pet carriers or another well ventilated option for collecting the hens. We may be able to help if you do not have transport, so please contact us to check before you complete the form. We do not recommend you adopt if you are over 3 hours outside of Sydney as the travelling will be too stressful for the hens. Hopefully we will have more transport options in the future.

The Adoption Application Process

The adoption application process consists of 3 stages.

  1. Complete the Adoption Application Form
  2. We will call you and talk to you about your application
  3. You will be asked to provide photos of the hens' intended living environment

If you would like to apply to adopt some girls please visit the website of NSW Hen Rescue.

You can also donate to NSW Hen Rescue to help rehabilitate and restore to health animals who have been rescued from factory farms.

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