Covert investigations by Aussie Farms, Animal Liberation ACT and Animal Liberation NSW

Egg farms across Australia: A snapshot of the industry

4 egg farms exposed so far. Know of one near you? Let us know.

SBA Hatchery

Owned by: Specialised Breeders Australia (SBA) (Hyline)
Status: Open and operating

The largest supplier of day-old chicks for the egg industry in Australia, accounting for roughly 70% of the layer hens found in commercial egg farms. Kills millions of male and deformed female chicks every year in a macerator.

Henholme Battery Hen Farm

Owned by: Pace Farm
Status: Open and operating

Exposed by Aussie Farms in May 2014, Henholme is a large battery hen (caged egg) facility near Newcastle NSW. In approximately half of the sheds, the cages reach 8 tiers high. The majority of birds were found with major feather loss and clear signs of malnutrition.

Kingsland Caged Egg Facility

Owned by: LPC Trading
Status: Closed temporarily, future unknown

Kingsland is a huge battery hen farm on the outskirts of Young NSW, where close to 400,000 birds are packed into wire cages. When investigated in May 2013, many were found featherless or sick, with several found dead and rotting. Kingsland was "depopulated" and quarantined in October 2013 after an outbreak of bird flu.

Steve's Fresh Farm Eggs

Owned by: Steve Bonello
Status: Open and operating

Thousands of birds confined to tiny wire cages, up to 7 in each cage, many with appalling infections, deformed toes and other injuries or illnesses, including a high prevalence of respiratory conditions due to the build-up of ammonia.

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