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Steve's Fresh Farm Eggs

Petition: Shut Down Steve's Fresh Farm Eggs

When you sign the petition, an email will be sent with the following letter along with your comment to these recipient(s):

Katrina Hodgkinson MP, Minister for Primary Industries

Dear [name],

I am writing to you in your capacity as the [position].

Information revealed recently from Animal Liberation's campaign against cruelty in the Australian egg industry has alerted me to the inhumane practices being carried out at Steve's Fresh Farm Eggs, an intensive egg farm at 25 King St, Rossmore NSW.

Activists discovered the following conditions:

  • Build up of excrement at the back of the sheds approximately 1 meter in depth which seeps into water catchment area
  • In almost every cage nearest the front of the sheds were 7 birds crammed into each cage, laying and stepping on each other, totally unable to move with even a skerrick of room. Not in any way in accordance with regulations stipulating all laying hens must have 550 square centimetres
  • Birds found with appalling infections including comb being four times normal size
  • Birds with deformed toes, curling under and in, unable to stand
  • The gradation of cages toward the back of the sheds provides no reasonable support for the bird's toes. Birds were witnessed unable to secure footing at all
  • High number of corpses in the "free range" area - what appeared to be slabs of rat poison. Noted and filmed rat under chicken corpse. Some corpses were relatively new and others had obviously died many weeks ago. One corpse had been eaten by possibly a fox. There is no protection from predation for "free range" chickens
  • Trough at back of shed with hundreds of smashed eggs left to rot
  • The high levels of ammonia were causing a high amount of chickens coughing indicating respiratory infections
  • Openings of cages toward the back, just prior to the "free range" area were approximately 16.51cms or 6 and half inches ensuring depopulation of cages will cause extreme distress and pain
  • The free range area is totally enclosed, no enrichment material, water trough so filthy and long standing there were insect larvae moving around the sludge
  • Photographs available of cartons marked "free range eggs" and "caged eggs" - the amount of "free range" birds able to lay would fill no more than a single carton a week - and even then the claim of "free range" is fallacious

I implore you to do all in your power to shut down Steve's Fresh Farm Eggs.

[your comment]

Yours sincerely,
[your name], [your postcode]

Animal Liberation

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  1. 147

    Anonymous Wed 28/11/18 7:00am

    This is inhumane, cruel and unacceptable. Please help to put a stop to this.

  2. 145

    Zoe Starke Mon 17/9/18 7:20am

    Chickens deserve to live their life happy and free just like you and me! They have every right to live a long healthy life. These conditions are not meeting the rights all animals deserve. We don't need to kill these innocent beings to survive. This has to stop!

  3. 143

    Brandon Lee Fri 7/9/18 8:59am

    Please have compassion over greed.

  4. 140

    Anonymous Thu 7/6/18 4:07am

    Please, raise happy living chickens and eggs. Help raise them in happy and healthy environments that are most appropriate for them. Consider the lives of every heartbeat and breath that mother nature and life has bring to us. Raise happy and mature chickens and avoid mass killing of chicks. It really hurts that such a thing like this exist in the egg industry, especially when those chicks are too cute to die and are so oblivious... End this animal cruelty once and for all~

  5. 134

    Anonymous Mon 29/5/17 11:21pm

    Stop it now!!

  6. 133

    Anonymous Mon 29/5/17 11:21pm

    This must end!

  7. 132

    Anonymous Sat 27/5/17 5:29pm

    Stop being so shit

  8. 131

    Nathalie MacGregor Fri 21/4/17 3:46pm

    I am absolutely disgusted.

  9. 127

    Michelle Cotterill Wed 7/12/16 8:50pm

    Stop this cruelty!

  10. 126

    Audrey Kasa Sun 23/10/16 12:07pm

    Please stop this inhumane practice !

  11. 122

    Kim Mason Sun 12/6/16 11:59pm

    please stop the suffering

  12. 120

    john pasqua Tue 7/6/16 1:28pm


  13. 118

    Waltraud Usahanun Tue 7/6/16 8:17am

    LAST INFANTILE AND GREED SCUM – NOT DESERVES TO LIVE WITHIN CIVILIZED SOCIETIES IN OUR ALL WORLD – ALL OF THESE CRIMINAL RABBLE IS BETTER DEATH AND NOT DISTURB THE REST OF THE WORLD POPULATION AND FUTURE GENERATIONS!rnrnStop & pursue this deformity - instantly!rnrnNot humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal killer ASSHOLES! Or not?rnrnTHE DEVIL SHOULD TAKE THEM AWAY - ONCE FOR ALL rnrnhope that they all will be very sick from their asshole-doing

  14. 106

    Debbie Williams Tue 7/6/16 3:31am

    Please consider the chickens, give them a better quality life.

  15. 102

    Tanya Williams Mon 6/6/16 11:02pm

    Happy chooks give happy eggs

  16. 101

    Tanya Williams Mon 6/6/16 11:00pm

    Happy schools give happy eggs

  17. 98

    Angela Brooke-Ward Mon 6/6/16 8:08pm

    The severity of the suffering of the hens is totally unacceptable, inexcusable and unforgivable!!!

  18. 95

    Cheryl Hughes Mon 6/6/16 4:46pm

    Close it and all the other farms that still have caged birds down, animals should never be treated this way!!

  19. 75

    Hosten viviane Fri 19/2/16 5:17am

    Stop animal cruelty for always

  20. 72

    carla jeurissen Fri 19/2/16 2:09am


  21. 67

    Maureen Hakker Thu 18/2/16 10:56pm

    Stop this brutal murder on animals!

  22. 65

    Jinan Thu 18/2/16 10:43pm

    All are human beeings!!!! People and animals! We are all the same!

  23. 63

    Denis Boukhvalov Tue 5/1/16 11:59pm

    What if you, the people who confine the poor and helpless chickens, where in- humanly confined like that?! How would you feel?! Would you still like that job?! You people who confine these poor and helpless chickens are monsters and you have no hearts . God and people please save these poor chickens!!🐔🐥🐤🐣

  24. 62

    Anonymous Sun 3/1/16 3:02am

    this better end i dont know how these farmers live with them selves. the don't even deserve to be called farmers fucking disgraceful

  25. 60

    Anonymous Sun 30/8/15 10:49am

    Lovely eggs and beautiful spinach and ricotta pastries. I'm very fussy. It's great to see the farm has an agricultural scientist running the place. I'm sure it will go from strength to strength. I will be back.

  26. 59

    linda clarke Sat 22/8/15 4:33pm

    .rnClose down Steve's fresh eggs at 25 king St Bossmore NSW. Inhumane practices towards chickens in small cages. rn

  27. 57

    Marielle Turner Sat 13/6/15 2:36pm

    This is a disgusting way to treat innocent animals that have never taken anything from humans, what makes us think we are so above animals that we can just kill them for our own enjoyment.

  28. 56

    Amber Jarvis Fri 22/5/15 11:36am

    WOW! Katrina, you have your hands in hot water, pigs, sheep, cows and now chickens! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW!!

  29. 54

    Anita Skewes Tue 14/4/15 2:18pm

    Compassion for all living beings:)

  30. 49

    Anonymous Sat 12/7/14 6:34pm

    Steve is a bloody good fella and doesn't deserve to be treated like a criminal. Where do you expect food to come from? Get fair dinkum!

  31. 48

    Anonymous Sat 12/7/14 6:30pm

    You bunch of low life's need to leave Steve alone. He's a hard working Australian bloke who looks after his chickens because it is in his best interests to do so, so they'll be productive egg layers. Unless you've been involved in the production of eggs yourself, you are not credible to criticise. To paint him as a criminal is infuriating! Get a real job!

  32. 45

    Mathieu Hulliger Sat 21/6/14 2:06am

    Disgusting how you treat animals!

  33. 40

    Mark Field Thu 22/5/14 3:49am

    Disgusting world we live in

  34. 39

    Andrew Smart Mon 19/5/14 8:54pm

    These acts of cruelty and deception are appalling and intolerable.

  35. 36

    Josh Mezzavia Wed 30/4/14 12:35am

    As a young Australian I am appalled and disgusted by these activities and conditions. I expect much better treatment to animals. The more these practises are exposed the more people will think twice about what they consume.

  36. 34

    Janet Ann Deming Sun 30/3/14 12:25am

    I raise many hens, and they are truly happy. All animals should be treated with dignity.

  37. 29

    Anonymous Sat 1/3/14 8:31am


  38. 25

    Anonymous Sun 16/2/14 5:00pm

    Please shut down this torture chamber run by this evil man. He can make money doing something kind for animals instead.

  39. 24

    Kara Wood Thu 6/2/14 3:39pm

    It sickens me to even try and comprehend what torture these poor innocent creatures endure on a daily basis, something has to be done. So please, consider these chickens, and imagine being put into their position. Would you be ok with that?

  40. 20

    Nola-sue Hampel Fri 6/12/13 8:10pm

    All I can say is " what on earth is wrong with these people???!!!! ". No morally or ethically sound person could stand by and allow ANY innocent animal to endure this cruelty.

  41. 19

    PATRICK GENEREUX Fri 6/12/13 8:48am

    Stop these criminals ASAP

  42. 17

    Tessa LaFleur Wed 4/12/13 2:15am

    The next time you eat an egg, remember this petition and all of the things an innocent hen went through to give you something that isn't even necessary.

  43. 16

    Irene Karman Tue 3/12/13 11:12pm

    Doing the right thing in life does NOT comprise of putting animals through misery. No one in their right mind agrees with making any living being suffer. If these were puppies, Australia would go crazy with disgust. Is is not OK for puppies, and it is not OK for hens. Please do the right thing and abolish these cruel cages. Thank you.

  44. 14

    Heather Edwards Tue 3/12/13 2:45pm

    Please try shutting yourself in a room so small you can hardly move with at least 3 other people you have no chair and no bed. A cupboard or tiny bathroom may do. You not be able to get out for the rest of your life. Your food will be plentiful and your waste will not be removed, you will have virtually no access to medical services. Think about this. You wouldn't do it to yourself so why do it to poor beautiful hens. Please think about what you are doing. Please contact an animal rescue organisation and set these hens free into loving homes where they will grow back their feathers dust bathe and enjoy the sunlight. Protected from danger and sit under the trees.

  45. 10

    Ann Leonard Tue 3/12/13 12:40am


  46. 5

    Judy de Jong Mon 2/12/13 8:45pm

    This is simply animal cruelty. Hens feel pain and they feel stress. THey are intelligent feeling creatures, and they should never be kept in conditions like this. And if you want to discuss legalities, then this is a clear case of fraud as well as animal abuse!

  47. 4

    Jackie paterson Mon 2/12/13 8:30pm

    You should be ashamed to be alive because of this it's so in humane it's disgusting!

  48. 2

    Anonymous Mon 2/12/13 8:06pm

    I can't believe that this horrific practice would be allowed to continue, it's terrible, unhealthy, unhygienic and cruel.

  49. 1

    Kathryn Wallace Mon 2/12/13 6:54pm

    Just wrong. This has gone on too long. No living thing deserves to live in these conditions.

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